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Health is a right,

Join us in fighting for health equity and removing barriers to accessible healthcare for Canada's unhoused community.

not a privilege.

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Recognizing the enormity of challenges faced by the unhoused community, Health for Homeless is dedicated to making a lasting impact through our campaigns and programs. We encourage you to learn more about our initiatives and get how to get involved.


"It is in your hands to create a better world for all who live in it." — Nelson Mandela

On any given night, over 8,700 people in Toronto experience homelessness. While many organizations and individuals are working tirelessly to address different aspects of this crisis, one often overlooked facet are the significant barriers to healthcare faced by this population. In a country which prides itself in offering free health services to all, we are often guilty of assuming that this privilege is accessible to everyone, leading to a neglect of those in the most need. This was one of the driving forces in founding Health for Homeless, and we’d like to invite you to stand with us in implementing meaningful solutions that remove barriers to healthcare faced by the homeless community.



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