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At Health for Homeless, we pride ourselves on hosting research-backed events that both support the community and educate youth.



Health-Centred Care Kits

The Health for Homeless team works with shelters and community organizations to create and distribute care kits with a focus on personal health and hygiene. Items are finalized through discussions with the recipient organizations to ensure they best reflect the population served. As an example, gel-based sanitizer is supplied instead of liquid sanitizer to prevent consumption. Other items include surgical masks, gloves/socks, first aid items, emergency blankets and dental hygiene supplies. 



Educational Workshops

Health Equity workshops are a peer-led high school workshop series, with the goal of teaching homelessness as an intersectional issue and disassembling stereotypes early on. This initiative was born out of research conducted by Dr. Kaitlin Schwan, director of the Women’s National Housing and Homelessness Network, exploring the efficacy peer-led educational initiatives like this can have, since they provide a non-threatening medium compared to traditional adult-led workshops. 

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